Learn to cook and feel at home when abroad

The ability to cook is one of the top 2 reasons why executives choose Corporate Housing apartments as against to other options on the market. Being able to make small meals is not only practical, but also a substantial3 source of savings. In addition, being usually alone, many guests do not appreciate the ritual of […]

593 Millions of arrivals in 2015 in Europe

New absolute record Europe, despite the low economic growth during the last years, remains the most popular region on the globe. Overall, Europeans travelled outside their country 444 million times, an increase in 8.5% between 2007 and 2014. According to the World Travel Monitor, 85% of Europeans travel within Europe. The use of temporary housing […]

Corporate Housing v.s. on-line sites

Using an on-line website to book an apartment instead of Corporate Housing / Serviced Apartments often comes as a logical way of choosing accommodation. However, it can be frustrating and even dangerous. High seasonality and customer reservations for a few days make on-line booking a real nightmare. The obligation to pay a reservation immediately, even […]

Pet friendly stays

The challenge of temporary detachments sometimes causes emotional complications , such as isolation and loneliness of ” assignees ” , which will inevitably be reflected in the their work performance . Combining this emotional neediness with the increased demand for temporary apartments (also for tourism ), here comes the perfect solution: the ” serviced -apartments/corporate […]

Serviced apartment – Ideal in a family relocation

When a family moves to a new country their main concern is to ensure a peaceful transition and without problems for their children. For parents, the child’s adaptation needs go beyond the choice of a quality new school, or the learning language in the school, they also cover issues such as avoiding too sharp breaks […]

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