Corporate Housing v.s. on-line sites

Using an on-line website to book an apartment instead of Corporate Housing / Serviced Apartments often comes as a logical way of choosing accommodation.

However, it can be frustrating and even dangerous.

High seasonality and customer reservations for a few days make on-line booking a real nightmare.

The obligation to pay a reservation immediately, even before having clarified all the details, is a negative point in the on-line rentals. Once the reservation is made, we are dependent on the landlord of the apartment, which can lead to problems of security and credibility.


On-line bookings are geared towards very short duration (some days) and arrange long supplies, it is very difficult and time consuming.


In Corporate Housing, businesses and their needs are the ´core business,, while for online businesses, they are the tourists.


Summer prices are the reference price in online bookings and not always the months of low seasonality, have the appropriate discount.

Live like a local and explore the ways of life of the city where you live

EXPLORING THE CITY The possibility of exploring local society and participating in the community in which they live arises in all opinion surveys as one of the main

Reason that lead executives to opt for Corporate Housing / Serviced Apartments on extended travels over several weeks or months.

The hotels, with a more hermetic and standardized atmosphere, do not allow you to feel the local atmosphere in the same way as an apartment in a local neighbourhood.

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