Pet friendly stays

The challenge of temporary detachments sometimes causes emotional complications , such as isolation and loneliness of ” assignees ” , which will inevitably be reflected in the their work performance .

blog_petCombining this emotional neediness with the increased demand for temporary apartments (also for tourism ), here comes the perfect solution: the ” serviced -apartments/corporate housing ” .


These apartments offer more space available for the animal at the same time become a more economic solution because it does not entail additional fees for having an animal in the house and there is no need for a canine hotel in the country of origin, during the absence owner.

From a tourist perspective, when you travel with your trusty pet company, may use a ” serviced apartment” , since it is increasingly common to find apartments that accept animals. A DECISION FACTOR Sometimes the owners decide to holiday destinations based on acceptance (or not ) of the animals , which are tantaz times considered part of the family .

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